• The Wundertooth is a remix of the Ubertooth One by Great Scott Gadgets. Each Wundertooth is programmed, tested, and fully assembled prior to shipping. A quick comparison of the two devices is shown below.

      Ubertooth One Wundertooth
    Enclosure No Yes
    JTAG Header No Yes
    PCB Substrate DE104iML 370HR
    Made In China USA
    Firmware 2015-10-R1 2018-08-R1
    RoHS Compliant No Yes

    The Wundetooth is an open source 2.4 GHz wireless development platform suitable for experimentation. 

    Features include:
    • 2.4 GHz transmit and receive.
    • Transmit power and receive sensitivity comparable to a Class 1 device.
    • In-System Programming (ISP) serial connector.
    • Expansion connector: intended for inter-Ubertooth communication or other future uses.
    • Six indicator LEDs.

    In addition to monitoring communications, the Ubertooth One can also be used as a 2.4Ghz spectrum analyzer.

    WARNING: The Wundertooth is test equipment for 2.4 GHz systems. It has not been tested for compliance with regulations governing transmission of radio signals. You are responsible for using your Ubertooth One legally.

    • In The Box: Wundertooth with Antenna and Enclosure
    • Dimensions: 8.5cm x 2cm x 1cm
    • Weight: 28g
    • Firmware: 2018-08-R1
    • Manufacturer: Rysc Corp.
    • Made In: USA
  • Software Documentation:

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