Low Frequency PCB Antenna

  • Our Low Frequency PCB Antenna ("LFA") is specifically designed for the Proxmark 3. It has been tuned to operate at 125kHz and 134kHz. These frequencies are typically utilized by older ID-only RFID systems.

    When connected to a working Proxmark, the antenna registers approximately 13-15V in the 125kHz coil and 14-18V in the 134kHz coil (as produced by the `tune` command).

    The LFA can be used to interact with the following tags:
    • HID ProxCard II
    • T55x7
    • EM
    • FlexPass
    • Indala
    • VeriChip

    Antennas are connected to the 4-pin USB port on the Proxmark using the USB cable included.
    • In The Box: Low Frequency Antenna with 3' USB cable
    • Dimensions: 12cm x 10.5cm x 1cm
    • Weight: 32g
    • Impedance:18Ω
    • Approximate Range:4 - 8cm
    • Manufacturer:Rysc Corp.
    • Made In:USA

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