High Frequency PCB Antenna

  • Our high frequency PCB antenna ("HFA") is specifically designed for the Proxmark3. It is tuned to operate at 13.56MHz and is capable of snooping the UID of a Mifare 1k classic card at a distance of 3cm.

    The antenna can be switched to match either a 100pF or 47pF capacitor on the HF circuit of the Proxmark. When connected to a working Proxmark, the antenna registers approximately 8-9V (as produced by the `tune` command).

    Our HFA can be used to interact with the following tags:
    • Mifare
    • ISO14443A / ISO14443B
    • ISO15693
    • EPA
    • Legic
    • iClass

    The antenna is the size of a credit card and ships with a 3' Hirose USB cable that is used to connect it to a Proxmark. Antennas are connected to the 4-pin USB port on the Proxmark using the USB cable included.
    • In The Box: HF PCB antenna with 3' USB cable
    • Dimensions: 8.3cm x 5.5cm x 1cm
    • Weight: 16g
    • Impedance: 1.5Ω
    • Approximate Range: 3 - 5cm
    • Manufacturer: Rysc Corp.
    • Made In: USA

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