Use Case: Identify Tags

Identify low- and high-frequency tags with just a few clicks. Currently supports HID, EM4100, Mifare Ultralight, Classic 1K, Classic 4K, and Desfire. Support for more tags is coming soon.


Use Case: Save and Load Tags from the SD Card

Read a tag and then save it to the SD card. Then load saved tags from the SD card. Currently supports HID, EM4100, and Mifare Ultralight.


Use Case: Clone a Tag

From tag data saved on the SD card, the ProxmarkPro can make a physical clone of the tag by writing to a T5577 tag. Currently supports HID and EM4100, with more coming soon.


Use Case: Replaying a Tag

Replay a saved tag to another reader. Currently supports HID, EM4100, and Mifare Ultralight.


Use Case: Brute-force an HID Reader

A brute-force attack can be done by trying to guess multiple tag UID’s similar to a known working tag UID to gain access. You can also adjust the brute-force parameters like tag UID, facility code, format length, and replay rate. This functionality currently supports HID tags.


Use Case: Sniffing Tag Data

Sniff traffic between a reader and tag, then save the data to the SD Card. Currently supports High Frequency Tags.

Sniffing HF Traffic

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