• In The Box: Enclosed ProxmarkPro, LF Antenna, HF Antenna, 1 HF Tag Bundle, 1 LF Tag Bundle, 1 16GB MicroSD Card, 1 1200mAh battery, and Carrying Pouch
    • HF Tag Bundle: 1x Mifare Ultralight, 1x Mifare 1K, and 1x Mifare 4k Tags
    • LF Tag Bundle: 1x HID 1326 ProxCard II, 1x EM4100, 1x T5577 Tags
    • Tested With: Windows 10, Linux, MacOS
    • Firmware: pmpro-1.1
    • Manufacturer: Rysc Corp
    • Made In: USA


ProxmarkPro client command list. Client and firmware can be found here.

ProxmarkPro source code can be found here.

ProxmarkPro Getting Started guides can be found below.

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