What is the NFC Kill?

The NFCKill is the world's only RFID physical fuzzing device. It rapidly delivers high-voltage spikes wirelessly to target RFID devices. It works against all RFID tags and devices, and most devices equipped with induction loops or coils (wireless chargers, etc).

What does it do?

The NFCKill used for secure destruction of RFID tags, penetration testing, lock failure mode testing, and general RFID hardening. When discharged against a card, the cards are immediately and permanently disabled. RFID Readers (Entry systems, payment systems, etc) are often disabled, or glitched into a non-standard state.

Which RFID types does it work against?

The NFCKill is tuned to the most common RFID frequencies: 125KHz - 13.56MHz, but also works against UHF RFID and most devices with coils that can have current induced. 

How do you use it?

A short-press on the power button shows the battery level; a long-press powers on / off the device. The operator can select an operation mode: Single Discharge or Continuous Discharge. The discharge area is directly under the product logo.

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