Markus @ Auburn University in Auburn, AL

May 01, 2019

My name is Markus and I love your site and all the tools for sale. I am a student at Auburn University in Auburn, AL (1.5 hrs from Atlanta)

What I'm interested in purchasing:

    • Proxmark3 Kit
    • MagSpoof
    • HackRF Display Assembly (Portapack)
    • Ubertooth One + enclosure

I am a PhD Student in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. My area of research is wireless communication and, inspired by Defcon talks in particular those of Michael Ossmann, I've been working on passive RF devices such as RFID, and I'm investigating passive RF devices. I've been involved in our IEEE Student Chapter, developing 3D printed water sterilization devices for distribution in developing nations, our local student hackrrspace, and much more. I have garnered some respect on campus with the University Cybersecurity team when I discovered a vulnerability in the on campus WiFi network. However, the tough thing about my research is that it's self-funded.

I plan on building and publishing on using RFID technology for things that it was not intended for, such as modulating sound and passively transmitting it, keystroke interceptors, etc.

Below are some photos of me on campus.

Above is me and my project partner (face blurred out) testing out a 2.4 Ghz antenna I designed in Matlab

Cool screenshot of Ubuntu running on my old MacBook where we're looking at all the WiFi Basestations we're picking up. Some of those were over a 100 yards away!

Shot of our antenna.

Hawaiian shirt day in the Electrical and Computer Engineering building with our school mascot, Aubie, and Dr. Stu Wentworth, a well-loved Electromagnetics professor.

Also in Rysc ❤️ Students

Shaima @ Higher Colleges of technology in UAE
Shaima @ Higher Colleges of technology in UAE

April 12, 2019

I am a bachelor student studying at Higher Colleges of technology in UAE. I want to purchase the proxmark3 kit to help me complete my graduation project. Our project is to make a Universal RFID Cloner, where we want to prove to organizations in the UAE that RFID is not secure enough to depend on them fully.

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Ryan @ University City High School, San Diego
Ryan @ University City High School, San Diego

January 22, 2019

My name is Ryan, I am a student at University City High School, San Diego learning about Software Defined Radio. I have done projects including reverse engineering grocery store anti theft systems, decoding GOES weather satellite data, and making a system for hunting weather balloons. I am now working on projects using a HackRF to reverse engineer Satellite communications.

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Brock @ Purdue University
Brock @ Purdue University

October 23, 2018

My name is Brock and I am a Computer & Information Technology masters student at Purdue University. My undergrad research was in network engineering and I am currently studying information security. Interesting projects include the hardening of security measures in an IoT agriculture monitoring system, analysis of network traffic from different IoT technologies such as Z-Wave, ZigBee, Lora/LoraWan, and narrow band.

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