How to Install a Proxmark3 Driver on Windows 10

October 18, 2017

Follow the instructions below to install the Proxmark3 CDC driver on a computer running Windows 10.

Before beginning, be sure to download the V3.0.1 distribution which contains the driver file. 

A video of the instructions can also be found below:

Step 1: Connect the Proxmark3 to your Computer.

Proxmark3 connected to computer

Step 2: Open device manager. You should see the following in the ports section. 

Proxmark3 Unistalled driver - Windows 10

Step 3: We will now need to disable driver enforcement so we can install the driver. While holding down shift click the restart button, this will bring you to the startup options.

Step 4: Navigate to Startup Settings. 

- Click Troubleshoot

- Click Advanced Options

- Click Startup Settings

- Click Restart

Step 5: Disable Driver Enforcement

- Press the 7 key on your keyboard, this will restart your computer.

Driver enforcement will automatically be turned back on when you restart your computer. 

Step 6: Install the Driver

- Open device manager and navigate to the Ports section.

- With your Proxmark3 still connected right click on the USB Serial Device (COM#). Click Update Driver Software.

- Click Browse my computer for driver software

- Click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

- Click Have Disk

- Navigate to the location of the Proxmark3 Driver you downloaded earlier. It should be a file in the driver folder called proxmark3.

- Click OK and then Next. Your Proxmark3 driver should now be installing.

- You should receive a dialog box window saying the driver was sucessfully updated.

- Close that window and you should now see under ports "Proxmark3 COM#".

Proxmark3 Driver Installed - Windows

Step 7: Verify your Proxmark3 Driver was installed correctly.  

- Go to windows client section and try to the connect to your Proxmark3. 

proxmark3 COM3
Prox/RFID mark3 RFID instrument          
bootrom: master-rysc/v3.0.1 2017-09-21 19:05:39
os: master-rysc/v3.0.1 2017-09-21 19:05:45
LF FPGA image built for 2s30vq100 on 2015/03/06 at 07:38:04
HF FPGA image built for 2s30vq100 on 2017/05/17 at 17:48:26
uC: AT91SAM7S512 Rev B          
Embedded Processor: ARM7TDMI          
Nonvolatile Program Memory Size: 512K bytes. Used: 192390 bytes (37). Free: 331898 bytes (63).          
Second Nonvolatile Program Memory Size: None          
Internal SRAM Size: 64K bytes          
Architecture Identifier: AT91SAM7Sxx Series          
Nonvolatile Program Memory Type: Embedded Flash Memory

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