Installing Driver for ChameleonMini on Windows 7

February 05, 2016

Download the ChameleonMini Driver file here.

1. Connect ChameleonMini to PC.

Wait for the following dialog to appear.

No Driver Found

2. Navigate to Device Manager by opening up the run command box (Windows Key + R).

Enter "devmgmt.msc" and click OK.

3. Double click on LUFA CDC Demo (shown below).

Device Manger no CMini Driver

4. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software".

 Browse my computer Drivers CMini

5. Click Browse and navigate to the location of the driver folder. When the driver folder is selected Click Next.

Browse to Driver CMini

    6. If you are prompted with a warning message about the driver being unsigned give the driver permission to install. You should see the following dialog below. The COM Port number may vary. 

    CMini Driver Installed

    7. Navigate to Device Manger and there should be a ChameleonMini Virtual Serial Port under the Ports Tab.

    Driver Installed

    The driver is now installed.

    Finished! Enjoy a beverage of your choosing.  

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