How to install a Proxmark3 Driver on Windows XP

September 28, 2015

Follow the instructions below to install the Proxmark3 CDC drivers on a computer running Windows XP.

Before beginning, be sure to download the CDC Driver.

A video of the installation can also be viewed below.

Step 1: Connect Proxmark3 to Computer

Step 2: Click the "Start" Button

Step 3: Click "Control Panel"

Step 4: Click on "System"

Step 5: Click on "Hardware"

Step 6: Click on "Device Manger"

Step 7: Expand "Other Devices"Double click "USB Device"

Step 8: Click "Reinstall Driver"

Step 9: Select "No, not at this time" then click "Next"

Step 10: Select "Install from a list or specified location (Advanced)" then click "Next"

Step 11: Select "Don't Search. I will choose the driver to install" then click "Next"

Step 12: Click "Next"

Step 13: Click "Have Disk"

Step 14: Click "Browse"

Step 15: Navigate to Driver Location. CDC (new serial interface).

Step 16: Select "proxmark3.inf" file then click "Open"

Step 17: Click "Ok"

Step 18: Click "Next"


Step 19: Driver installation will now begin, wait for the process to complete


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